Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Raves: The Bishop Coffee and Gourmet

When I discovered the Bishop in early 2006, I was thrilled to have a coffee place near our South Park offices. I hated walking up to 7th and Fig and the FIDM-adjacent Fusion Cafe just doesn't cut it. Sadly, the new Starbucks at 11th and Grand gets more of our business these days, simply due to its close proximity, but my heart is at the Bishop. Why? 'Cause they make me happy—and make sandwiches to order.

Of course, their cold cases have pasta salads and pre-made sandwiches and, if you get there at the right time, that wonderful chicken curry. But sometimes you just want something, you know, special. That's when Suze pops in and says, "Can we just make you a sandwich?" Mine today was turkey and pesto on a croissant. Ymmm. It hit the spot--which is why there's no photo to attach. Sorry 'bout that.

Oh, did I say they make a mean cappuccino, too? And open early--and late!

The Bishop Coffee and Gourmet
816 S. Grand Ave.
Downtown 90017
(213) 239-0411