Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our Bad: Correx to Stuffed Sandwich.

Every once in a while we flub up and miss something in one of the books or fail to catch an error while fact checking. For The Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel (Hungry? Los Angeles (3rd ed.), p. 270), please note that the address is not 1145 W. Las Tumas Dr. but 1145 E. Las Tumas Dr. and the nearest cross street is N. Vista St.—that’s right between N. San Gabriel Rd. and Rosemead Blvd.. So if you’re looking to get a sub and a brew at one of our favorite family-run joints in the SGV, please go to 1145 E. Las Tumas Dr..

Also, we’ve been made aware that, in compliance with new health department ordinances, Stuffed Sandwich no longer has sawdust on their floor. We’ve also been told that they still have a tremendous beer selection, which, in our book, is pretty cool.

When our new website comes online you can expect to see a (hopefully very small) section for these kind of flub ups, address changes, and closures. For now: courage.

In the Neighborhood: Tamales and Ice Cream

My block seems to be a haven for meals on wheels. Lunch trucks are dispatched from a huge lot down the street—did you ever wonder where those things go at night? The tamale lady comes by every morning. Ahhh, the tamale lady. Nothing jolts you out of a nice deep sleep like a shrill “TAMALEEEEEEEES” at 8 a.m.. I have always been curious as to what the infamous tamale Lady is capable of, however I’m never quite ready for tamales that early (shocker). Why doesn’t she ever come at lunchtime? Plus, my roommates have forbidden me from purchasing any of said tamales in fear of her targeting our house in the future. As of now she merely passes by every morning.

Who really wants hot tamale though, anyway, when it’s reaching upwards of ninety degrees? Over these past few weeks there has been only one mobile delicacy on my mind: ice cream. I’ve grown to love my neighborhood ice cream truck. When I hear that electronic/jingly/slightly-disturbing version of ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’, I know it's summer in L.A. The ice cream man has everything you could possibly want on a hot summer day, from your classic chipwich to a chili-dusted mango pop. Of course, if you’re not into cold at the moment, my friendly neighborhood ice cream truck can offer you chips, Cheetos, and even nachos (complete with fresh jalapenos). I tend to stick with the classic chocolate chip ice cream cone, and no, I don’t worry about how long it’s been stored with the nacho cheese. Nothing satisfies more for fifty cents.

—Gina Gorman