Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Our Bad: Correx for the new edition of Hungry? Los Angeles

In addition to the flubs mentioned below, here's a list of other minor details that should be noted:

1. The address for Nicolosi (Encino, CA) is 17540 Ventura Blvd., not 17450.
2. Miceli's has two locations: 1646 Las Palmas Ave. in Hollywood and 3655 W. Cahuenga Ave. in Universal City. The index for the third edition Hungry? also spells Miceli’s with an 'h', a common mistake for American's doing Italian (for the record, 'ch' in Italian is pronounced with a 'k' sound; it's broos-k-etta, not broo-sh-etta).
3. The index page listing for La Luz del Dia says page eleven but check page fifteen for the actual listing.
4. Yai Restaurant is located at 5757 Hollywood Blvd., not 5751 Hollywood Blvd.
5. Le Petit Café is located at 2842 Colorado Ave., not 2482 Colorado Ave.
6. Taste of Texas, or more accurately Nick's Taste of Texas, is not listed in the index, but it’s in the book—check out page 263.
7. Stevie's on the Strip has closed, sadly. However, you can cruise on over to the Stevie's creole place over in Encino, see page 165 of Hungry? Los Angeles (16911 Ventura Blvd.).
8. Pizzarito, located in Marina del Rey, has also closed its doors. Its traditional oven baked pizzas by the slice will be missed.
9. Although two locations still hustle and bustle (Burbank and La Crescenta), one of the three Yaki's closed its doors (Glendale).
10. Once again, three proves to be a crowd. Tarzana Armenian Grocery and Deli in Woodland Hills closed shop. Fear not, there are still two locations for those looking to get their Armenian food fix (Studio City and Tarzana).
11. If you're in Koreatown and looking for Manila pork barbecue or baby coconut milk, Jeepney Grill no longer serves your needs—we heard the took the trek to Vegas.
12. Papa Jake's Sub Shop in Brentwood has folded. To get the best Philly cheesesteak sandwich in Los Angeles, cruise on over to their Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hills locations.

We apologize for any food mishaps as a result of these errors. If you know of any other closures or details that need to be shared, please let us know.