Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Lowdown: Spitz

Spitz proudly claims to be the Southern California home of the Doner Kebab. Yeah, hat may not mean much to you now, but it sure will soon after you make a trip over to the Eagle Rock restaurant and try one of these amazing sandwiches.

Bryce Rademan, co-founder of Spitz, ate his first Doner Kebab in 2005 on a study abroad trip to Madrid and immediately knew he had discovered something amazing. He quickly became friends with the restaurant’s owner who taught him how to make the Kebab. Taking these lessons back with him to the States, Bryce teamed up with fellow student Robert Wicklund and introduced the Doner Kebab to Eagle Rock. As an Oxy student, I am forever thankful, and pretty sure you will be too after trying just one bite.

A Doner Kebab might be thought of as a fusion of a gyro with a panini, though that description doesn’t come close to capturing the essence of this unique sandwich. The meat, whether lamb and beef or ground chicken, is slow roasted in vertical broilers to retain its savory juices and then cut off in thin strips. Stuffed into toasted focaccia bread, it is then topped with fresh veggies, hummus, cool tzaziki sauce and spicy chili sauce for added flavor.

Still hungry? Spitz also offers a number of delicious sides to compliment its Doner Kebabs. Sweet potato fries tend to be the favorite, but their regular French fries and fried pita strips are certainly not bad choices either. Salads are a tasty alternative for the health conscious.

But be sure to leave a little room for dessert (really, who could resist anyway?!). The gelato served at Spitz has been called “the absolute best ice cream in the universe” by Time Magazine-and, apparently they know what they’re talking about. With flavors including everything from Pistachio to Pomegranate and from Tiramisu to Burgundy Cherry, I can’t seem to get enough. And, since the gelato is lower in fat than regular ice-cream, I don’t have to feel guilty for ordering seconds.

The atmosphere at Spitz keeps you lingering long after the last bite of gelato is gone: The constant flow of customers, ranging from Occidental College students to young families, makes for excellent people watching from any of the restaurant’s outdoor or indoor table. So, stop by and stay a while. Both you and your stomach will leave happy.

—Tessa Basford

2506 Colorado Blvd., LA 90041 (parking in lot and on street)
(323) 257-5600

Tues-Sat: 11 am-10 pm
Sun: 11 am-8 pm